Spectrascan PR-730 and PR-735 spectroradiometers

BFi Optilas has begun distribution of the latest models of Spectrascan spectroradiometers, produced by Photoresearch.

The new PR-730 and PR-735 models offer significant improvements over the industry standard PR-705/715; featuring twice as many detectors, the cooled-PR-730 offers higher resolution while being more sensitive, with virtually no polarisation error or stray light. It comes with USB, Bluetooth wireless interface, and RS-232 as well as a high resolution colour touch screen display.

Spectral range is 380-780nm or 380-1100nm for the PR-730 or PR-735 respectively. Spectrascan instruments are currently being used worldwide in digital cinema, post-production, lamp standards metrology, phosphor research, tooth analysis, and military displays.