Spitfire Ace, Spirit-Nopa, and Quasar 355-60

Spectra-Physics has introduced three ultrafast amplifier products, expanding its portfolio of ultrafast lasers. The first is the Spitfire Ace power amplifier, with power output of more than 14W and energy of greater than 12mJ.

Secondly, the Spitfire Ace outputs more than 7W and greater than 6mJ with less than 35fs pulse width from a regen-only amplifier.

And thirdly, the Spirit-Nopa delivers tuneable high-repetition-rate pulses with pulse widths as short as sub-20fs. The products are ideal for ultrafast spectroscopy and advanced science applications.

Spirit-Nopa is an automated non-collinear optical parametric amplifier specifically optimised for use with Spectra-Physics’ Spirit high-repetition-rate ultrafast laser. Spirit and Spirit-Nopa together create a versatile ultrafast laser system tuneable between 250 and 900nm and capable of generating sub-20fs pulses with user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot up to 1MHz.

Spectra-Physics has also released the Quasar 355-60, a UV laser that offers 60W high more than 300µJ pulse energies. Featuring TimeShift technology for programmable pulse parameters, the laser delivers advances of 33 per cent in power and pulse energies, 3.5x in maximum repetition rate (0 to 3.5MHz), and 2.5x in minimum pulse widths (<2ns to >100ns) over the previous Quasar 355-45 released last May. The new Quasar 355-60 is ideal for microelectronic device manufacturing, enabling major advances in both throughput and precision.

The Quasar laser is a hybrid-fibre laser, combining advanced fibre laser, power amplifier, and patented harmonics technologies to achieve high performance.