Sputtered long wavelength infrared optical coatings

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Deposition Sciences has announced its new sputtered long wavelength infrared optical coatings. The company’s MicroDyn sputtering deposition platform now delivers 8-micron longwave pass (LWP) and 10-micron narrow bandpass (NBP) filters. The in-band transmittance levels have also been improved for applications such as gas sensing and thermal imaging.

Deposition Sciences said, ‘DSI’s new process creates sputtered films that feature increased abrasion resistance relative to evaporated films and are much more economical to produce in higher volumes’.
Because of the low temperature of the sputtering process the coatings are compatible with photoresists enabling the filters to be patterned using standard photolithographic techniques.

Deposition Sciences’ coating capability ranges from the ultraviolet, through the visible and includes near-infrared, midwave-infrared and out to the longwave-infrared.