stabilised helium neon lasers

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Research Electro Optics (REO) has introduced a new series of stabilised helium neon lasers. These stabilised helium neon lasers 632.8nm lasers are available with either 1mW or 1.5mW of output power, and can both be frequency stabilized to ±1 MHz over one hour (or ±2 MHz over eight hours), or intensity stabilized to ±0.1 per cent over one minute (or ±0.2 per cent over one hour). The operational mode is user selected by a toggle switch on the power supply front panel. Constructed using REO’s ultra-low loss optics and unique, proprietary cavity design, these lasers also demonstrate exceptional ruggedness, long lifetime and insensitivity to ambient temperature shifts. For example, the frequency shift with temperature is typically under 2MHz/°C.