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Ophir Photonics has released StarViewer, an Android app that brings laser power/energy measurements to Android smartphones and tablets. StarViewer can be used with virtually any Ophir thermopile, photodiode, or pyroelectric PE-C laser sensor. Data can be displayed in a variety of formats: time-based line graph, needle display, or large numeric display with statistics. Users can also capture a screenshot and share it, such as when a field technician needs to report results back to the lab.

StarViewer displays measurements from Juno or Quasar laser sensor interfaces. Juno is the company's virtual laser power meter that connects Ophir sensors to a mobile device via its USB on-the-go (OTG) port. Quasar is the company's wireless Bluetooth interface that broadcasts laser measurement data from most Ophir sensors to a mobile device within 10m. The app's measurement settings can be configured by tapping Settings at the left of the screen.

StarViewer supports a wide range of Ophir laser sensors: photodiode sensors for measurement of low laser powers, from picowatts to hundreds of milliwatts and as high as 3W; thermal sensors for measurements from fractions of a milliwatt up to tens of thousands of watts, or for measurement of single shot energy at pulse rates not exceeding one pulse every ~5s; and pyroelectric sensors for accurate and repeatable measurement of repetitively pulsed energy at up to 25kHz.

StarViewer supports Android devices running version 4.1.0 or higher.