STS spectral test and calibration system

McPherson has launched the STS spectral test and calibration system, which analyses and tests spectral and spatial performance. The STS is able to test and characterise optical seekers, spectral signatures, integrated imagers and bare sensors. It can conduct absolute measurements of transmission, reflection, stray light sensitivity and head on response or vs. incidence angles.

The STS instrument uses a single optical path, providing continuity for measurements from the ultraviolet, through the visible and into the mid and long wave infrared. It uses reflective optics for efficient operation throughout the wide spectral measuring range. Additional features include variable bandwidth, easy to change diffraction grating, light source, and detector turrets. Linearity and SN measurements are simplified by the STS’s ability to easily change bandwidth.

McPherson’s STS can also be customised for systems providing high spectral-purity or with large format receivers and senders up to 300mm clear aperture or more.