VisiPro DO Ex

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Hamilton has developed the VisiPro DO Ex, which is approved for measuring dissolved oxygen in an explosive environment. With approval from ATEX, the sensor can be used in hazardous areas with potentially explosive mixtures of air and combustible gases or chemical liquids.

The VisiPro DO Ex works independently of the flow rate and without polarisation time. The optical measuring technology also improves the measurement performance and simplifies maintenance.

The VisiPro DO Ex is approved for use in a temperature range between -10°C and +140°C and at pressures of up to 12 bar. With its integrated transmitter, the sensor allows direct communication to the process control system via a 4-20mA two-wire standard signal or a digital HART signal.

All relevant sensor data, including calibration and diagnostic information, is stored in the sensor head. The sensor is highly resistant to many chemicals and is also not sensitive to pressure shocks.