STS-UV microspectrometer

Ocean Optics has released the STS-UV microspectrometer. Measuring 40 x 42mm and 24mm high, the device is for applications in the ultraviolet (190-650nm) including absorbance measurements, point-of-care diagnostics, emission spectroscopy and laser characterisation.

The high signal-to-noise and wide dynamic range make the spectrometer useful for measurements such as determining the absorbance from dilute solutions. A selection of configurations allows users to optimise optical resolution to a specific application.

The STS-UV is anchored by a 1,024-element detector in a crossed Czerny Turner optical bench. High linearity, absorbance repeatability and wavelength accuracy ensure reproducible results in large production quantities. High thermal stability performance and low baseline drift ensure that the data stays accurate under changing environmental conditions.

The STS-UV can be integrated into other devices or set up next to a process line for quality control measurements or as part of a lab station. Several software control options are available, from drivers for LabView and Matlab to DLLs for direct control of the spectrometer in Java, Linux or Windows. All STS spectrometers are compatible with Ocean Optics’ OceanView spectroscopy software.