Super Demon

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LTB Lasertechnik Berlin has introduced its new Super Demon, the latest model in its double echelle monochromator series. Demon provides a resolving power of up to 200,000 (2pm at 400nm) at high light throughput.

The increased resolution makes isotopic shift investigations of elements like plutonium or lithium possible now. The standard Demon spectrometer has already shown its capability in measuring the isotopic shift of uranium. Using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), these isotopic shifts are measured within a second and without sample preparation. Only optical access to the sample is required.

The Super Demon is also a measuring instrument in the development, production control and quality testing of diode lasers. In contrast to interferometric setups, it allows the user to simultaneously monitor spectral bandwidth, intensity profile and absolute wavelength. The simultaneous wavelength detection can be used for monitoring different ‘side modes’ and energy distributions. The robust optical design is suited for long-term wavelength stability tests.

The fibre-coupled, easy-to-use spectrometers of the Demon series are based on an optical design with pre-monochromator and echelle grating developed by the ISAS Berlin. They can be equipped with different types of detectors, CCDs or ICCDs. The high light throughput makes them the ideal tool for low light applications as well as ultra-short pulse applications.