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Lumera Laser specialises in the development and manufacture of ultrashort pulse lasers for industrial applications. Among the recent releases is a new picosecond laser, Super-Rapid. It is an amplified version (8W) of the Rapid ps-laser, maintaining all its outstanding features and expanding them. The higher average power of the Super-Rapid means more cost efficient micromachining, higher throughput (4x the power for 38 per cent higher price). Even at highest repetition rates of 500kHz and even in the UV, the Super-Rapid provides sufficient pulse energy for micromachining with practical working distance. This allows micromachining of virtually any material with highest quality, and no heat-affected zone, no cracks, and no burr at the edges.

The laser head is completely sealed and thermalised, the control software allows pre-programming of single pulses, double pulses, or groups of any number of ps-pulses with variable delay.