Opto Diode has introduced the SXUVPS4C, a quadrant photodiode with a 5mm2 active area in each quadrant. The device is the first of two new SXUV multi-element photodiodes to be released.

The TO-5 windowless package features a 5-pin header, for integration into new or existing systems. The photodiode has a light responsivity ranging from 1nm to 1,000nm and a shunt resistance of 100Mohms. It is suitable for two axes-positional-centering applications for lasers in the 13.5nm to 200nm wavelength range.

Operating and storage temperatures range from -10 to 40°C (ambient) and from -20 to 80°C (in nitrogen or vacuum conditions). The maximum junction temperature is 70°C and the lead-soldering temperature is 260°C at 0.080inch from the case for 10s.