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Scanlab and ACS Motion Control‘s new jointly developed syncAXIS control software enables simultaneous control of a 2D scan head and a 2D mechanical stage with two servo motors. The combined system substantially increases the image field size for wide-area marking, and in addition provides superior capabilities for the cutting of glass, drilling of large PCBs and laser micro-machining. Unlike tiled processing, this innovative laser processing system with an extended image field can significantly slash process times, thereby delivering enhanced productivity and cost reduction in manufacturing.

The control concept is based on slaving the mechanical stage to the scan system and thus extending the actual field of view of the scanner. Operating the entire system is similar to operating a system that consists only of a scan head and its associated RTC6 controller, using a similar set of commands. Therefore, any application that currently can operate a Scanlab scan head will be able to operate such a combined system with minimal effort.


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