Taipan family of lasers

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Coherent has released the Taipan family of lasers providing green and true yellow output for entertainment/light show applications. 


Based on Coherent’s OPSL (Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser) technology, the Taipan family includes the Taipan 532-5 and Taipan 532-8, which deliver 5 and 8W of green output at a wavelength of 532nm, while the unique Taipan 577-3 generates 3W of yellow output at 577nm.  The latter is the first all-solid-state laser to offer high power, yellow output suitable for use in large venues and outdoor arenas, and will enable full-colour displays with a superior color gamut. A unique quality of the OPSL design is the ability to directly modulate the output of these lasers up to 100kHz.


Coherent’s OPSL technology features a compact, monolithic, all-semiconductor architecture. This rugged technology is immune to the thermal lensing that characterises other solid state laser technologies, enabling Taipan lasers to offer tighter divergence specifications and superior beam pointing stability. These new lasers also generate a lower thermal load than older technologies and are backed by a 12-month warranty. While new to entertainment applications, OPSL is already well-proven over several years in both laboratory and rugged field applications, with more than 10,000 OPSL lasers in use for bio-instrumentation and crime-scene forensics.