Techspec λ/20 First Surface Mirrors

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Edmund Optics has introduced its new Techspec λ/20 First Surface Mirrors that feature a surface quality of 20-10 and are designed to minimise reflected wavefront error. The coated surface is designed to face incident light and minimise energy loss by preventing the light from passing through the glass substrate. 

The new mirrors can be used over a large temperature range and are ideally suited to beam steering and reflection applications that use a mirror mounted at a 45° angle to create a 90° bend in the light path.

The Techspec λ/20 First Surface Mirrors use metal coatings with a protective dielectric overcoat layer to prevent damage to the coating from cleaning or the atmosphere. The enhanced aluminium mirrors also use a multi-layer film of dielectrics, which increases reflectance in the VIS or UV regions. 

Sixteen new models in each of the aluminium, silver and gold ranges offer respectively: more than 95 per cent average reflectance in the 450-650nm wavelength range; more than 98 per cent in the 500-800nm range and 2,000-10,000 range; and more than 96 per cent in 700-2,000nm and 2,000-10,000nm range. The new mirrors are therefore available in 48 standard models with diameters from 10mm to 75mm and dimensions from 10mm x 10mm to 75mm x 75mm.