Techspec fluorescence bandpass filters

Optical components provider Edmund Optics has announced that is has almost doubled its range of Techspec fluorescence bandpass filters.

Now available in more than 40 wavelengths and three diameters, Edmund’s Techspec filters are matched to common fluorophores used in fluorescence imaging applications. The filters are available in 12.5, 25 or 50mm diameters and designed to match emission and excitation bands for the fluorophores DAPI, Cy5, FITC, SpectrumGreen, ICG-A, QDots and more. The filters feature greater than 93 per cent transmission and greater than OD6 blocking outside the desired passband, less than three per cent from the edge of the bandwidth to ensure detection of even the weakest signals. Each Techspec filter is manufactured with a hard sputtered coating on a single fused silica substrate for durability and mounted in a black anodised ring for ease of handling.