Techspec Precision Sapphire Windows

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec Precision Sapphire Windows, for use in a variety of demanding applications, including imaging and spectroscopy. The windows offer broadband transmission from 0.15-5.5μm.

With transmission from the UV to the MWIR, the windows also provide an impressive ¼λ surface accuracy. They use a high tolerance design and take advantage of the innate characteristics of sapphire − a high dielectric constant, high thermal conductivity, extreme surface hardness and resistance to many chemical acids and alkali. With sapphire's structural strength, Techspec Precision Sapphire Windows are thinner than comparable standard glass windows, minimising absorption.

The windows are available in four uncoated sizes − 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm diameters. All models provide ¼λ surface accuracy for high precision performance.