Thin film solderable coatings

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Deposition Sciences has introduced thin film solderable coatings and face metallisation, available on a wide variety of substrates. Although silicon is the most frequently used substrate, the coatings can be applied to virtually all commonly used optical materials.

The new thin film coating capabilities are enabled by the company’s MicroDyn sputtering deposition technology. The face metallisation and solderable coatings are typically used for hermetic sealing of sensitive packages. They can be combined with anti-reflective, bandpass, or precision custom coatings from the ultraviolet, to the longwave infrared wavelengths. Applications include infrared detectors, cameras, focal plane arrays, and other sealed sensors and detectors. 

Deposition Sciences also offers custom coatings for specialty instruments, and can deliver high-volume wafer-scale coatings for various consumer applications. The company’s ultra-durable, zero-shift optical coatings are MIL-Spec tested for humidity, salt, fog, abrasion, temperature cycle, adhesion, solubility, and more.