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Lambda Research, a designer and publisher of illumination and optical design software, has introduced improved photorealistic rendering with the latest release of its flagship product, TracePro.

The photorealistic rendering capability uses photon mapping to render scenes, sources, lightpipes, and instrument panels. Users can render high-fidelity photorealistic images showing the lit appearance of optical and illumination systems, and their affected surroundings.

With ten times faster processing, TracePro’s photorealistic rendering capability uses a two-pass algorithm that simulates light from user-defined sources and ambient light settings to produce a rendered scene. After the rendering is completed, the user can control the contrast and brightness as needed.

TracePro is award-winning opto-mechanical software used for design, analysis, and optimisation of optical and illumination systems. With its intuitive CAD interface and powerful features like 2D/3D interactive optimisers, TracePro offers a sophisticated and powerful optical design environment combined with a short learning curve to accelerate product time-to-market.