TracePro 3.3.6

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Lambda Research has announced the latest release of its illumination design software, TracePro 3.3.6, alongside a new product, TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks. TracePro 3.3.6 release is the first TracePro version compatible with TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks, the add-in to SolidWorks 2006.


TracePro 3.3.6 version is required to open and understand native TracePro files created from within SolidWorks. TracePro’s 3.3.6 3D kernel has been updated to ACIS R14 service pack 9 to ensure the compatibility between SolidWorks 2006, TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks and TracePro 3.3.6.

TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks customers can apply TracePro properties to their SolidWorks parts and assemblies and save this data directly to the *.sldprt and *.sldasm files (the native SolidWorks files) or as TracePro files. These models can then be directly opened in TracePro 3.3.6 for ray trace and analysis. Additionally in the TracePro 3.3.6 release, TracePro RepTile properties benefit from several enhancements. Other improvements in TracePro 3.3.6 include updated documentation for macro commands and added macro commands including DXF exporting and RGB colour analysis.