Trek Model PZD700A

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Trek, a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instrumentation, has released a high voltage power amplifier, Trek Model PZD700A. The amplifier offers wide bandwidth and additional features important in electro-optics, MEMS, piezoelectric driving and semiconductor applications.

The PZD700A provides a large signal bandwidth greater than 125kHz (-3dB) and a small signal bandwidth greater than 200kHz (-3dB). This bandwidth capability is especially important in new piezo and piezo-stack applications, which require the high current levels provided by the amplifier. The fully protected output of the device enhances its utility in piezo and other reactive load applications by assuring that the amplifier is safe-guarded from incidental short circuits, arcing or energy return from the load device.

Potential application areas include: aerospace, biotechnology, defence, military, power, energy, laboratory, instrumentation, semiconductors, electronics, and others.