Two optics catalogues

BFi OPTiLAS has released two new optics catalogues.

Acton Optics and Coatings, exclusive European partner of BFi OPTiLAS, has just released a 40-page products and services catalogue including high laser damage threshold excimer and UV laser optics, new hybrid coatings, broadband mirrors and coatings, optical filters, in addition to Acton’s other standard coatings. Applications include analytical instrumentation, laser beam delivery and cavity optics, medical lasers, space science instrumentation, and semiconductor wafer inspection and metrology, among others.

BFi OPTiLAS has also released the latest optics capabilities catalogue from Precision Photonics. It features a number of unique products such as 45deg and Brewster plate polarisers (requiring no angle tuning), High damage threshold Epoxy-free cubes and Nd:YAG laser mirrors  (> 40J/cm2), AR coatings to < 0.05 per cent reflectance and broadband high energy dielectric laser mirrors.