U-20 Laser Marking System

RMI Laser has introduced the U-20, a 20W q-switched laser marking system for high volume throughput. It is ideal for large batches when the marking areas range from 4 to 12 inches. The U-20 can be used on all metals, most plastics, composites, ceramics, and a wide variety of other material substrates. The U-20 features a built-in, diode-pumped ND: YVO4 laser source, which provides nearly twice the peak power of RMI's previous marking system (from 120kW to 200kW), while maintaining superior beam quality.

The system performs fast engraving from .001 inch to .004 inches and vector marking at very high speeds, making it ideal for marking-on-the-fly (MOTF). Due to the very short pulse duration (<10 nanoseconds), the heat level is at a minimum during operation, making the U-20 well-suited for heat-sensitive materials or processes.

The extended focal plane depth enables the laser mark around curves or on curved surfaces without distortion or degradation; it also provides higher/darker contrast in much less time.  RMI's U-20 is the ideal system for cutting thin metals and for surface laser markings on extremely durable metals like titanium or tool steel, and/or on austenitic super alloys such as Inconel.

Included in the standard system are the marker head, controller, laptop computer, focusing diode, 163mm F-Theta lens, Z-axis lab jack, mounting stand, laser safety goggles, and RMI Laser's SymbolWriter-Pro software.