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UC-Industrial series

High Q Laser has released a series of ultra compact pico- and femtosecond regenerative amplifiers picoRegen UC-Industrial and femtoRegen UC-Industrial, especially designed to meet industrial demands.

The available power of the all-in-one amplifiers is 30W for the picoRegen UC-Industrial with a pulse duration of 12ps and 8W for the femtoRegen UC-Industrial with a pulse duration of 350fs.

The UC-Industrial ultrafast amplifiers present high robustness and reliability. They are the ideal laser sources to be integrated as OEM products, due to their compact size with a footprint of just 78 x 34cm, their all-in-one controller and their ability for full remote control and signal read out.

The femto- and picosecond pulses can be triggered via TTL signals from single pulses up to the maximum repetition rate of 500kHz providing constant energy from the first pulse on (no first pulse excess energy).

Combining high power and high repetition rates High Q Laser's pico- and femtosecond all-in-one Regenerative Amplifiers are tools for a wide range of applications in nano- and microprocessing such as solar cell structuring and scribing, thin film ablation, hole drilling, precision cutting or tissue ablation.


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