Ultra-High Brightness 350W pump block

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Visotek has selected Bookham as the laser diode supplier for its Ultra-High Brightness single-emitter based pump block.  The fibre coupled laser system delivers 350W from a 200μm fibre at 0.2NA.

The fibre coupled laser system incorporates the latest generation of the Bookham high power single-emitter laser diodes capable of in excess of 10W operational light output power. The optical design of the pump block was developed by the US based Fraunhofer Centre for Laser Technology.  The system eliminates beam shaping optics, enabling exceptional coupling efficiencies and compact dimensions at high power levels. 350W fibre coupled power can be achieved at moderate output powers from the laser chip, which offers improved system lifetime.

Due to the low fibre core diameter of 200μm and the low NA of 0.2 or 0.46, respectively, the Ultra-High Brightness laser diode block can serve as pump unit for next generation fibre laser systems as well as for direct applications.