Ultra-narrow linewidth laser source

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OEwaves has introduced a laser with less than 300Hz linewidth across a wide wavelength range in standard semiconductor laser compact packages.

The laser source is based on a high-quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) micro-resonator that offers super-narrow spectral linewidth and low phase noise. The fibre-coupled laser is available in a wide range of wavelength ranging from 390 to 2,900nm and features an instantaneous linewidth of smaller than 300Hz at any wavelength. Its unique design is based on locking a semiconductor laser to a high Q micro-resonator. The laser frequency has excellent long term stability, and can be swept over a wide range.

The technology enhances commercial and military fibre-optic systems for a variety of sensing, monitoring, lidar, spectroscopy, and metrology applications where high resolution, high precision, and absolute accuracy are required.

OEwaves' ultra-narrow linewidth laser source will be available in standard as well as custom compact packages in the second quarter of this year.