QPC Lasers 1908nm fibre-coupled diode laser

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Laser Operations has introduced a new high power fibre-coupled diode laser as part of its QPC Lasers product line. The 1,908nm diode modules offer output power of up to 40W CW, and the company's on-chip Brightlock wavelength stabilisation makes the lasers well suited to industrial, medical and defence applications.

According to the company, the Brightlock laser modules at 1,908nm offer excellent spectral characteristics and high wall-plug efficiency, targeting a specific laser crystal and water peak absorption to enable multiple applications, including resonant pumping of Ho:Yag, mid-IR generation, direct diode plastic welding and laser therapeutics.

Based on the reliable InP material and on the company's Brightlock on-chip grating technology, the lasers reach 25 per cent peak efficiency at room temperature with less than 2nm linewidth and low wavelength sensitivity to temperature (0.2nm/ÂșC).

The high power diode lasers are available in fibre-coupled modules, with options including integrated aiming beam, fibre sensors, and photodiode options. Alternatively, they can be integrated into SUltra, the company's compact turn-key solution. Various micro-channel cooled stack configurations are also available upon request for high power pumping applications.