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Ultra Range large area LED-powered signs

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Lasermet has launched its Ultra Range of large area LED-powered signs, which offer extremely high clarity at all ambient light levels, alongside flexibility in the legends and colours that can be used.

The signs use LED technology and provide extremely high visual clarity. All Ultra Range LED signs are fitted with automatic variable brightness control to match the light output with the background illumination. This avoids signs becoming 'flooded out' by high intensity illumination or being overly bright in darker conditions. Alternatively there is an input to control brightness remotely. Sign operation is from 24VDC, which is inherently safer than mains wiring and the variable brightness facility can also help to save power at low light levels.

The Ultra Range of signs is the result of an intensive development programme to create a sign that can be used both for simple instructive use or for highly safety critical applications. Multiple LED circuits and dual control inputs are used to create redundancy for safety applications. An optional monitor output is also available.

The signs can be made in a wide variety of colours in addition to the standard white signs. Dual message signs can also be supplied that display different messages in different colours within the same area of the sign at different times. For example, 'Danger' can displayed on the sign in red and 'No Hazard' can displayed in the same part of the sign in green depending on the input status. In this way one sign can be made to toggle between two different messages.

These signs are supplied in a highly aesthetic design and are ultra-slim being just 24mm thick.  They can be wall mounted individually or one above the other to create multi-aspect signs. All signs are 178mm high and are available in lengths of 420mm or 740mm.