Ultrafast polarisers and high-energy beamsplitters

Edmund Optics has introduced Ultrafast Thin Film Polarisers and High Energy Polarising Cube Beamsplitters. The ultrafast polarisers use thin film coating technology for optimal performance in the near-infrared wavelength range, while the beamsplitters provide an excellent alternative to Brewster windows.

The ultrafast polarisers provide high damage thresholds, suitable for use with high power lasers including Ti: Sapphire laser sources.

The beamsplitters provide a typical damage threshold of 15 J/cm2 at 1,064nm, 10ns, 20Hz. To maximise laser damage threshold, the beamsplitters are constructed by optically contacting UV fused silica right angle prisms rather than cementing them. They are available in 12.7mm cube size for use with a variety of common Nd:YAG laser wavelengths, including 355nm, 532nm and 1,064nm.