UV-LED Sources

Innovations in Optics has announced the Aurora UV Classic Line Sources for industrial UV curing as used for the photopolymerization of inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants. The Aurora Classic’s patented optical design provides peak irradiance at a large working distance from the emitter window and ultra-uniform distribution in two dimensions.

Other commercial UV-LED curing systems specify peak irradiance at the emitter window glass, and only support flat surfaces or small objects easily positioned in proximity of the window since the irradiance fall-off is ineffective at longer working distances. The Aurora UV Classic Line Sources are ideal for UV curing applications where machine frameworks or complicated part profiles prevent the UV-LED system from being mounted close to the cure surface.

The Aurora UV Classic Line Sources provide intense cure energy with no warm-up time, low power consumption and long lifetimes. They emit very little heat to allow curing onto thermally sensitive substrates. UV-LEDs are starting to replace power-hungry, hot and short-lived mercury vapor lamps in many photocuring applications. Being mercury free also eliminates problems with waste disposal from frequent lamp replacement for both additional savings in total cost of ownership and endorsement of green technology.

The Aurora UV Classic model is available in five beam lengths from 4 to 24 inches and four standard UV-LED center wavelength options including 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm and 405 nm.  The Aurora UV Classic Line Sources can operate under natural convection cooling or add the option of a fan-cooling plenum to drive the line source up to a twofold increase in peak irradiance.  The Aurora UV Classic Line Sources include integral driver/controllers for constant current operation or pulse width modulation with an optional Ethernet interface for remote utility.