Vacuum compatible beam expanders

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Optical Surfaces have introduced a new set of beam expanders that can achieve higher power density through operating in a vacuum. The new vacuum compatible beam expanders incorporate smooth running mechanics that require no lubrication, and optical designs that avoid the use of glues and cements that might outgas and sandblast finished metalwork. 

The new beam expanders are also aspheric mirror-based devices, offering either beam expansion or reduction capabilities. Incorporating high precision off-axis mirrors, they provide an unobstructed output and highly efficient transmission. Reflective beam expanders use mirrors which have constant focal lengths, regardless of the light being focused. They can therefore be used with collimated polychromatic light without the need of any fine focus adjustment.

Available in a wide range of fixed or variable magnification configurations – the beam expanders are designed to be easy to use and to provide accurate, unobstructed expansion/contraction of any collimated input light source. They are also portable and can be used without the need for internal re-alignment.