Vacuum XUV spectrometer

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The McPherson grazing incidence spectrometer, Model 248/310, works through the vacuum ultraviolet including the extreme UV (XUV) and soft x-ray wavelength regions.


It comes with vacuum tight seals for the 10-6 torr vacuum region. Vacuum prepared, clean materials are used for the Model 248/310.


The McPherson spectrometer can optionally be prepared for use in the ultra high vacuum (UHV) regime, 10-9 torr. It then features all metal seals throughout. UHV models can be certified by residual gas analysis prior to shipment. The spectrometers short wavelength limit is around 1200eV (or, a wavelength of about 1nm.) The McPherson optical spectrometer uses glancing angles between 85 - 88 degrees to maintain good throughput efficiency in the XUV. The instrument operates in the Rowland circle optical geometry. Wavelength reproducibility is 0.0nm and certified for each instrument shipped.


The McPherson spectrometer used as a broadband spectrograph and with gated microchannel plate intensifier operates in a fixed optical scheme for very stable and reproducible operation. The instrument may be used in any mounting orientation – simplifying arrangement of vacuum components required for advanced experimental systems. Optional light sources enable scientific users to calibrate wavelength or intensity are available as accessories.