Verdi-V8 and Verdi-V10

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Coherent has released two new low-cost CW 532nm solid-state pump lasers – the Verdi-V8 (8W) and Verdi-V10 (10W). By increasing the operating efficiency of the basic Verdi system, these new pump lasers now require just one Coherent pump-diode assembly (rather than two) to achieve output powers greater than 10W. They are also easier to use, featuring a significantly lighter power supply and a more flexible fibre-optic umbilical. Like all Verdi lasers, the V8 and V10 feature a very low noise (less than 0.03 per cent RMS) and single-longitudinal-mode output.

With a unique combination of high output power, low noise and superior reliability, Verdi lasers lead the industry in pumping titanium:sapphire ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers. These characteristics are particularly important for researchers performing cutting-edge, noise-sensitive ultrafast applications, such as carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilisation.