Z-MLLS and ZFSM upgrade

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Z-Laser, a manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, has presented its Movable Line Laser System, Z-MLLS, designed for tyre building machines. The laser system is mounted above the tyre building machine and laser lines are used for fast and precise material placement.

New housing and electronics have been developed, along with proven laser and spindle technology, which results in a comparatively light system with 10kg and 110 x 13 x 13cm housing. On a maintenance-free linear spindle axle, one laser module is fixed in the middle and two outer laser module slides move parallel at up to 300mm per second.

The parallel aligned laser beams are for tyres with up to 76cm width in the standard version; focus range is from 120mm to 2,500mm. The system is controlled via RS-485 or USB, or the lasers can also be moved by portable devices with Wi-Fi.

Special requirements for installing the system or variable laser assembly (red, green or blue with 30° or 90° fan angle) are available upon customer request.

Also, as of March 2014, Z-Laser will equip all LP-HFD laser projectors with its fibre-coupled laser systems ZFSM. The recently developed ZFSM systems use the superior optical properties of optical fibres. This new product is especially suitable for applications with the highest requirements in projection accuracy.