VirtualLab SLM adaptation

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD), supplier of fast binary spatial light modulators (SLMs), and LightTrans, vendor of the optical design software VirtualLab Fusion, are collaborating on an adaptation of LightTrans’ simulation software. The new capabilities in VirtualLab Fusion will encompass adding support for the high speed binary phase modulators offered by ForthDD.

ForthDD’s binary SLM offers QXGA resolution (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) at speeds of up to 4.5kHz with a pixel pitch of 8.2µm based on ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) technology. The drive interface can support either video, using the DisplayPort standard, or a dedicated flash memory based interface calling up to 1024 binary phase masks from the on-board memory.

The PC-based VirtualLab Fusion allows optical engineers to convert imagery into phase masks. Therefore, the software provides reliable, fast and flexible tools for the design of adaptive optical systems. Phase masks can be computed and the data transferred to the SLM. VirtualLab Fusion enables the analysis and optimisation of the entire adaptive laser system containing complex laser sources, beam delivery optics and the diffractive SLM.