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VisionTune LED screen correction service

Pro-Lite has launched VisionTune, an LED screen correction service, in cooperation with Radiant Imaging. The system uses a ProMetric imaging photometer to adjust the colour and brightness of each LED in a display on a pixel by pixel basis to yield a more balanced output image.

With VisionTune users can improve and maintain anLED video display's appearance throughout the life of the screen - from installation to retirement. For LED screens in stadiums and arenas, on-street billboards or indoor/outdoor advertisements as well as in rental displays, VisionTune is a complete service for optimising LED screen appearance. Correcting an LED video display will save money by extending screen life, as well as enhancing viewer experience and increasing revenue potential for the screen owner or rental company. Correction improves screen uniformity by getting rid of patchy, grainy images caused by LED aging and helps perfect the image by allowing you to hit the right white point and colour gamut.

The VisionTune service employs a calibrated imaging colorimeter to determine the exact luminance and colour of each LED in the display before rebalancing the display to regulate the varied settings. Individual adjustments are signalled to each LED in the display using pulse width modulation (PWM).

LED display correction is essential to maintain a screen’s intended performance over time. Individual LEDs lose brightness and shift in colour at different rates, which causes skewed images, graininess, dimness and shifts in colour. Restoring an LED display’s appearance is achieved by rebalancing LED outputs through the VisionCAL screen correction service. Not only does the use of VisionTune service promote improved screen appearance and reduced costs through the extension of operating life, it is much less complicated and time consuming that the laborious alternative of manual correction.

Pro-Lite is the exclusive sales channel of Radiant Imaging’s VisionTune service in the UK and Ireland. In addition to the on-site 'tune-up' service, LED screen manufacturers and rental companies can invest in their own VisionCAL equipment to perform the screen maintenance themselves. VisionCAL tools enable any make or type of screen to be corrected and makes individual tiles match the rest of the screen.


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