1,064nm PhaseCam 6000

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4D Technology has introduced the 1,064nm PhaseCam 6000 for measuring near-infrared optics and optical systems.

Suited for optical path alignment and testing at a system’s functional wavelength, the PhaseCam 6000 has an easy to position, fibre-coupled measurement head and motorised control.

The Twyman-Green interferometer employs dynamic interferometry technology to acquire measurement data in less than 30 microseconds. The near-instantaneous measurement speed makes the PhaseCam insensitive to vibration and air turbulence, enabling measurement in noisy environments such as clean rooms and manufacturing facilities. Applications include astronomy, aerospace and surveillance, as well as alignment and verification of telescopes and other optical systems.

Available from Laser Physics, PhaseCam systems include 4Sight advanced wavefront analysis software, providing extensive 2D and 3D analysis and visualisation tools, as well as comprehensive filtering, masking, database and import/export functions.