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VISualize, VisualizeIR and UVisualize

The popular Visualize product line from Laser Components serves as a low cost alternative to beam profilers. Visualize can be an invaluable tool for alignment, location and visualisation of laser radiation outside of the visible spectrum, using a phosphor based scintillator screen to convert ultraviolet and infrared into visible light.

The range consists of three core products: VISualize, which produces a yellow/red emission when exposed to blue-NIR, perfect for viewing visible sources when using laser protective eyewear.  VisualizeIR, which allows for safe visualisation of continuous wave or pulsed NIR, and UVisualize, which converts UV radiation to visible yellow light.

Each of these products are available a handy ‘credit-card’ style format, with an active area of ~4.5cm2, currently priced at £30 each.


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