Red-wavelength laser using VBG

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Laser Components, distributor for PD-LD, has introduced a solid-state alternative to the HeNe using Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology.

For some time engineers and scientists alike have been searching for a compact solid-state alternative to the HeNe gas laser. Until now solid-state alternatives were either standard diode lasers with wavelength in the red or a wavelength stabilised laser using a VBG in the near-infrared region.

PD-LD has successfully produced a laser in the red wavelength, which uses VBG technology and so offers both wavelength stability and red wavelength. The powerful stabilised source uses a multimode red laser diode resulting in up to 500mW output power. They enable an increased range of spectroscopic analytical capabilities, such as better characterisation of the C-H stretch range in Raman spectroscopy and thus suitable for analysing many organic compounds. By using both the internal temperature control and patented VBG technology a line width of <0.1nm is achieved with the initial product offering 500mW output power. Fibre-coupled and USB-controlled turnkey subsystems are available all of which are compact. Other applications include avionics and sensing.