Wavelength stabilised high-power diode lasers

Dilas, the diode laser company, has introduced wavelength stabilised technology for its high-power fibre-coupled diode lasers.

Delivering high wavelength stability with respect to temperature, current and operating hours, the new wavelength stabilised fibre-coupled diode lasers are available starting from 25W at 200µm fibre core diameter, up to 400W at 400µm diameter (0.22NA). With a narrow line width of less than 0.5nm at full width half maximum, the typical wavelength-temperature drift is 0.01nm per Kelvin.

Dilas' wavelength-stabilised technology is suitable for applications demanding spectral brightness in both ideal and harsh operating environments. Improving the wavelength stability of the diode lasers leads to higher system efficiency, higher reliability, longer lifetime and overall lower operating costs.

Our new diode lasers are an ideal solution for customers demanding high power and high brightness in their applications with a narrow absorption bandwidth, such as pumping solid-state lasers, pumping fibre lasers, and optical pumping of alkaline vapors.

Dilas offers wavelength stabilised technology in fibre-coupled diode lasers at wavelengths of 808nm, 940nm, 976nm or 981nm. Other wavelengths, such as 795nm, are available on request.