Fibre-coupled modules

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Dilas is providing a complete series of high brightness, high power, conduction-cooled fibre-coupled modules. 

Fibre-coupled diode lasers have grown to be one of the most popular formats for system integrators. Dilas’s modules combine high power with high reliability and stable performance. The compact, cost-effective packaging design and steady fibre attachment result in power levels of 30W, 40W, 50W, 100W, 200W and 400W, at standard wavelengths (790nm to 976nm), based on a single bar or multi-bar 400µm fiber coupled diode laser modules. 

 In addition, DILAS provides 200µm SMA-fibre coupled devices at power levels of 30W, 50W and 120W.  For powers and fibre core diameters greater than 120W at 200µm and  200W at 400µm the modules are equipped with a high power QBH fibre connector.

The product series is completed with DILAS’ 400µm fibre coupled modules in the wavelength range of 1380nm and 1470nm, ranging from 12W up to 80W power output from the fibre.