WTR series laser module

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Snake Creek Lasers has introduced the WTR series, an industrial-grade OEM laser module. The WTR module is proven for operation from -29°C to +43°C ambient temperatures, and to withstand severe shock and vibration conditions.

With 10 to 50VDC input voltage requirement, the laser is easy to integrate into OEM applications. It offers two auxiliary 12VDC outputs and the laser can be triggered with alternative latch or momentary trigger modes. The WTR is currently available with output powers up to 50mW at 532nm or 30mW at 635nm wavelengths. Depending on beam forming optics, the laser can be tested to CDRH Class 2, 3A, or 3B requirements.

Snake Creek Lasers develops advanced solid-state laser technology under research contracts and is an OEM supplier of miniature industrial-grade visible and infrared lasers to military, industrial, and commercial market places.