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Senso Optics has launched a miniature thermal sensor, the X-Lite – a compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera core for night vision.

The X-Lite measures 30 x 34 x 41mm (with IO and power cards) and weighs less than 80g. Boasting hi-resolution 640 x 480, with 17µ pixel size, Senso Optics says the X-Lite generates sharp and clear images that allow better detection, and enable the user to see clearly in total darkness.

The company says the sensor gives law enforcement officers, search and rescue teams, HLS patrols and any other person that needs to see at night without being seen, the information needed to make critical decisions, enhance mission effectiveness, maximise operational capabilities and improve safety.

'We did a tremendous amount of work developing improved thermal technologies for our Camera line, and we were able to achieve genuinely impressive reproduction in miniaturized form,' says Jacob Dagan, president  and chief executive officer of Senso Optics.

'The results were so successful that we were able to extend them to dedicated LWIR products like our new cameras and sensors systems. You simply have to see the video output in the field to believe what's possible from a compact high-resolution thermal sensor.'


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