An infrared beam from a quantum cascade laser excites glucose molecules in skin, which are then detected via DiaMonTech’s photothermal deflection technique. Credit: DiaMonTech

Glucose monitoring gains from MIR sensing

David Stuart on the health benefits of mid-infrared spectroscopy

1 GHz dual-comb spectrometer for fast and broadband measurements

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Dual-frequency comb spectroscopy permits broadband precision spectroscopic measurements with short acquisition time. A dramatic improvement of the maximal spectral bandwidth and the minimal measurement time can be expected when the lasers’ pulse repetition rate is increased, owing to a quadratic dependence (Nyquist criterion). This white paper demonstrates a dual-comb system operating at a high repetition rate of 1 GHz based on mature, digitally-controlled, low-noise modelocked lasers

Tumor Diagnosis with New Fluorescent Hypoxia Biosensor

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Wavelength Electronics’ LFI3751 temperature controller provided the precision to support a new biosensor developed in Spain and based on the oxygen-dependent degradation domain of HIF-1α. The biosensor provides critical information about the size and location of in vivo tumors, as well as their micro-environment. The LFI maintained the narrow linewidth and stable wavelength necessary for fluorescence spectroscopy with integration times of 0.5 seconds and measurement increments of 1nm.

At Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, engineers integrate the gamma ray and neutron spectrometer into the Psyche spacecraft. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Psyched for launch

A gamma ray and neutron spectrometer was recently installed on the ‘Psyche’ spacecraft, which will launch next year to probe a distant asteroid and uncover clues about the origins of our solar system

Broadband pump-probe spectroscopy at MHz modulation frequency

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The GEMINI interferometer enables an innovative approach to broadband pump-probe spectroscopy. Thanks to the employed time-domain Fourier Transform (FT) detection system, this configuration permits the measurement of the broadband pump-probe signal with a single-pixel detector and a single-channel lock in amplifier. In this way, it's possible to combine an ultra-broad spectral coverage with an extremely high sensitivity

The “New” Raman: Streamlined, Flexible and Powerful

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Raman spectroscopy is powerful and versatile analytical tool that is applied in a vast array of applications from materials science to medical diagnostics. In this white paper, Pro-Lite explains how a new class of spectrometers developed by Wasatch Photonics results in compact Raman spectrometers far faster and more sensitive than typical compact spectrometers.


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