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Jan Bogaerts

As image sensors are used in ever more varied applications, there is a continuing push for the best compromise between performance, speed and cost. ‘This results in very different types of sensors for all these applications, e.g. mobile phones, industrial vision, medical applications, scientific and space applications, etc.,’ said Jan Bogaerts, GPixel’s chief technical officer. 

Bogaerts believes the Chinese-headquartered CMOS supplier can develop new and better performing sensors ‘since we can rely on the worldwide push for technological advancements in the semiconductor industry, not only for CIS technologies, but also in other and larger markets for processors, memory, etc’. 

‘One example of such technology breakthrough is 3D stacking of two or more wafers,’ said Bogaerts. While he said 3D stacking creates opportunities for additional features, increased on-chip processing and bandwidth, it is not without obstacles. ‘It also makes the sensor architecture and design process more complex, and thus brings challenges in terms of balancing all these parameters while keeping realistic project schedules. 

You can find Bogaerts online at and at ResearchGate. He plans to attend the 2023 International Image Sensor Workshop and Image Sensors Europe.


Organisation: Gpixel

Role: CTO

Based in: Antwerp, Belgium

Education: MSc and PhD in Electrical Engineering (Catholic University of Leuven / Imec – Belgium)


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