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Kipras Redeckas

Kipras Redeckas, R&D engineer at Light Conversion

Kipras Redeckas, R&D engineer at Light Conversion

Dr Kipras Redeckas is an R&D engineer at Light Conversion who conducted research for his doctorate at the Department of Quantum Electronics, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University. Redeckas has been involved in a large number of research projects covering topics that include spectrometers, femtosecond lasers and ultrafast lasers and ultrafast spectroscopy.

He leads a team that develops Light Conversion’s Harpia-TG transient grating spectrometer, which is based on a laser-induced transient grating technique. The team led by Kipras Redeckas and Karolis Neimontas combined their extensive experience in mechanical and optical engineering of industrial-grade femtosecond lasers and optical parametric amplifiers to design and manufacture the commercial transient grating spectrometer.

In August 2022, the LFW Innovators Awards announced that the HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer and PHAROS-UP femtosecond laser were among the best innovations of the year in 2022. This is the third year in a row that Light Conversion has been honoured by the LFW Innovator Awards.

Kipras REDECKAS | R&D Engineer | Doctor of Philosophy | Light Conversion, Vilnius | Scientific Laser Systems (

Organisation: Light Conversion

Role: R&D engineer

Based in: Vilnius, Lithuania

Education: PhD, Physics, Vilnius University


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