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Laura Gemini

Dr Laura Gemini, ALPhANOV

Dr Laura Gemini, Group manager, nanoscale laser processing & health applications, ALPhANOV

As manufacturers come under increasing pressure to cut waste, Alphanov’s Laura Gemini is clear on how ultrafast lasers can help to deliver. She sees the next big thing as ‘intelligent integrated systems for ultrafast laser-based manufacturing able to adapt in real time to meet mass production throughputs while maintaining the unique advantages of this technical approach, such as a superior writing resolution’. 

While Gemini believes ultrafast laser systems will allow resource consumption and waste production to be minimised, challenges remain around cost and throughput before it can competitively be integrated into high-tech manufacturing lines.

‘To achieve this goal it will be essential to achieve fibre transport of high average power (>100sW) ultrafast laser for manufacturing of complex 3D parts while keeping all laser beam properties steady and stable to fit industrial needs. In parallel, the development of robotic positioning systems that can guarantee high movement speed at the same time as high positioning precision and repeatability will be imperative.’ 

You can find Dr Gemini online at or

She plans to attend SPIE Photonics West San Francisco 2023/2024 and Laser World of Photonics Munich 2023

Organisation: ALPhANOV

Role: Group manager, nanoscale laser processing & health applications

Based in: Talence, France

Education: PhD, Czech Technical University, Prague

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