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Lieven Penninck

Lieven Penninck, CEO, PlanOpSim

Lieven Penninck, CEO, PlanOpSim

Lieven Penninck founded PlanOpSim in 2019 to develop numerical simulation software for the design of metasurfaces, metalenses and planar optics in general. 

Penninck believes the development of ultra-compact sensors and imagers will demand significant research attention: ‘These sensors will become a backbone of ever smarter devices.’

‘I think we are on the brink of large-scale application,’ he said. ‘Two major challenges need to be overcome for this. The first is identifying winning applications where meta-surfaces can realise their promise of game-changing components. Second is industrialising from small-scale prototyping to high-volume manufacturing. Both are formidable tasks.’

Despite his confidence that the R&D community will overcome those challenges, Penninck made special mention of the work of Francesco Monticone and Owen Miller, who he said make great contributions about the limits of nano-structured components. ‘Nano-structures can do a lot, but they cannot do everything, said Penninck.

You can find Penninck online at He plans to attend Photonics West in San Francisco in January and the META conference in Paris in July.

Organisation: PlanOpSim 

Role: CEO

Based in: Ghent, Belgium

Education: PhD in photonics engineering, Ghent University


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