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Matthias Budden

While mid-infrared spectroscopy is a powerful tool for chemical materials analysis, Matthias Budden pointed out that it typically requires expensive instruments, proprietary reference databases and scientists for data analysis. 

‘At WiredSense, we aim to simplify this process through both hardware and software.
Based on our highly sensitive and fast infrared detectors, we developed Sweeb, a cost-effective mid-infrared spectrometer for analysis of solids and liquids within seconds. Chemical material analysis is performed via our cloud-based platform, which combines a database of reference spectra with problem specific algorithms.’

Budden identified the component crisis, long delivery times and rising costs hitting many in industry at the moment as obstacles, but said WiredSense also faces technological challenges to further improve its technology. ‘One targeted goal is to make broadband pyroelectric detectors useful for beyond 200 kHz repetition rates,’ he said. 

You can find Budden online at He plans to attend TechTour 2022 in Eindhoven, Optica Sensing Congress 2023, LASER World of Photonics 2023 and Expopharm 2023.



WiredSense GmbH / Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Role: Co-Founder & CEO / Guest Scientist

Based in: Hamburg, Germany

Education: PhD in Physics (University of Hamburg)

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