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Pascale Senellart

Pascale Senellart’s research group at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CNRS, University Paris Saclay) develops semiconductor devices for optical quantum technologies.  

‘We study artificial atoms, quantum dots, that are perfect single photon emitters. We developed a unique technology that allows us to collect very efficiently the emitted photons – a long-sought goal for quantum technologies.’ Quandela has been commercialising these single photon sources since 2017 and since 2020, has been developing a photon-based quantum computing platform. ‘The next big thing will be cloud access to a photonic quantum computing machine,’ said Senellart. ‘We will progressively increase the number of qubits, enabling applications such as quantum machine learning algorithms.

‘Our next big challenge is the development of efficient sources of highly entangled multiple photons. We have just demonstrated a first proof of concept generation of three-particle entanglement at a high rate. Our challenge is now to bring the number of entangled photons and quantum fidelity up.’

You can find Senellart online at She plans to attend CLEO in San Jose California in May 2023.

Organisation: CNRS – University Paris Saclay – Quandela

Role: Research Director at Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – CNRS – University Paris Saclay – Co-founder and scientific advisor at Quandela SAS.

Based in: Palaiseau, France

Education: PhD, Quantum Physics, University Pierre et Marie Curie (2001)

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