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Peter Winzer

Peter Winzer, CTO of start-up Nubis Communications, predicts one unavoidable development across optical communications: ‘massive integrated spatial parallelism’.

‘We need to embrace massive fibre bundles as our friend,’ said Winzer.

He believes the tight array integration of many parallel system components will make this challenging: ‘In short-reach transceivers, we are no longer talking about a single fibre pair, we are talking about eight. Soon we will be talking about 16 and 32. In the design of advanced ML/AI engines, we are no longer talking about a single chip with electrical I/O interfaces, we are talking about multi-chiplet processors. Soon we will be talking about co-packaged optical I/O chiplets. In long-haul transport, we are no longer talking about a single wavelength interface, we are talking about superchannels of many wavelengths to carry the interface rate of a logical router port. Soon we will be talking about an entire long-haul fibre’s worth of capacity as a logical channel, and wavelength switching will be replaced by space switching. 

‘In order to make all of the above happen at low power and low cost, massive array integration is needed.’

You can find Winzer online at He plans to attend OFC 2023 in San Diego and ECOC 2023 in Glasgow.

Organisation: Nubis Communications

Role: Founder & CTO

Based in: New Providence, NJ, USA

Education: PhD in Communications Engineering, Technical University of Vienna, Austria

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